Heritage architectureArquitectura patrimonial

Sede Medanito SA. Edificio Alsina 771. CABA.

2009. Refurbishment of a heritage building.

This significant 3600 m2 building, was originally designed in 1896 by architect Alfredo Massue for the textile industry, but later interventions resented the original architectural value. The building, listed as structural protection grade for APH ( Historical Protected Zone ) was refurbished optimizing its patrimonial condition, promoting a sustainable vocation, recovering materials and structures, reducing energy consumption, etc. The project introduced an organic garden on the terrace, two playgrounds, a sequence of transparent walls and floor, and optimization services. SCA Award for Best Intervention Works Located on the historic center of the CABA 2011 (Cat. I) / Architecture Prize Finalist CPAU SCA 2010 / Special Mention in the ARQ Awards 2011 CABA, Scale Media. Posted in Summa + nº115 / Architecture Magazine nº240.